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At Space Systems Research Corporation (SSRC), our focus is simple: we support the development, delivery, operations, and data analysis of space science missions.

We're not a big company, but we take on big projects. We work with NASA, NOAA, the U.S. Department of Defense, research universities, and industry partners.

Our goal is to respond to your mission-driven needs.

We deliver results that are only achievable by experts. We have the knowledge, the capability, and the drive to deliver results-oriented programs. Partner with us and see your goals achieved.

Recent Project News

next generation (EUV)

January 2013 - SSRC has been selected by NASA to develop next generation Extreme-Ultraviolet (EUV) Solar Radiometer for space weather and solar physics applications.

Lyra Instrument

July 2012 - The Royal Observatory of Belgium selects SSRC to investigate the performance and validation of the LYRA instrument onboard the PROBA-2 spacecraft.

MIGHTI project

March 2012 - SSRC to provide program management support for the MIGHTI instrument, a U.S. Naval Research Laboratory project.

Solar Orbiter Implementation

October 2011 - SSRC is excited to announce that the joint ESA/NASA mission Solar Orbiter has been selected for implementation.


September 2011 - SSRC has been selected to provide systems engineering and payload development support for the recently announced ISS-CREAM Mission.

Navy JMAPS project

October 1, 2010 - SSRC selected to support the JMAPS, Department of NAVY Space Astrometry mission.

NASA Sun project

September 2, 2010 - NASA selects investigations for first mission to encounter the sun; SSRC part of the team.

Solar Orbiter SoloHI

March 20, 2009 - NASA and ESA Select Science Investigations for Solar Orbiter; SSRC SoloHI proposal for NRL included.

GOES project

Program: GOES - SSRC led a team of experts to investigate and validate portions of the Post Launch Test (PLT) period data, soon after the launch of GOES-N.


Program: STEREO/SECCHI - SSRC worked with NRL’s SECCHI team and NASA’s STEREO management to restructure the program and move it on to a highly successful mission.

Solar Orbiter project

Program: Solar Orbiter - SSRC holds key positions in management, systems engineering and quality assurance on the SoloHI project.

HREP project

Program: HREP - SSRC provided systems engineering and instrument support as well as the lead for integration, assembly and test phases for ISS mission.

Solar EUV Hitchhiker project

Program: Solar EUV Hitchhiker - Current SSRC personnel designed and developed the payload for space shuttle missions.

3D Solar EUV Analysis

Program: 3D Solar EUV - NASA selected SSRC to lead a team of international scientists to study the solar EUV variability for the three-dimensional heliosphere.

CALSO Sounding Rocket Project

Program: CALSO - SSRC played a vital role in designing and developing the payloads for a series of sounding rockets that measure accurate absolute solar EUV irradiance data.

We give you space.